Case Histories


An important construction company that operates nationally uses Portale Mezzi to manage its own fleet composed of several hundred vehicles, most of which are owned, located in around 40 building sites throughout the country.

The main need is to significantly increase the level of use of its vehicles while reducing the rental of external vehicles.

Thanks to the "Vehicle programmation" module, our client was able to achieve different goals, in particular:

Higher use of own vehicles
Reduced rent of vehicles
Reduces holded vehicle, thanks to a better maintenance system
Higher transfer rate of vehicle between building sites

Portale Mezzi is the tool that helps to really reduce management costs. Thanks to its rich programming and control functions we can significantly reduce the inefficiencies that can develop when the company is growing.


A company operating in the plant engineering sector with a large fleet of highly heterogeneous vehicles, has the need to survey and organize the entire fleet divided into 20 operational offices in the national territory. Another need is to manage the administrative, technical and fiscal deadlines of the vehicles, with an automatic notification sent by email when the deadline is nearing maturity.

The company relied on our services to carry out the census, classification and organization of the entire fleet. Therefore with our staff we have carried out an accurate inventory of the vehicles at all the operational sites, the collected data have been organized and entered in the database of Portale Mezzi.

For each vehicle we have included the following data in the Portale Mezzi:

  • Vehicle information
  • Vehicle pictures
  • Documents of the vehicle
  • Administrative, technical and burocratic deadlines for each vehicle (included the ones for the manintance)
  • For the rented vehicles we have added the contract informations and deadlines.

At the end of the normalization of the fleet in the Portale Mezzi we have carried out the conciliation of owned vehicles with the corporate asset book.

Now the company thanks to our services and the Portale Mezzi has the entire fleet of company vehicles under control.

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