Companies operating in mines or quarries are increasingly committed to controlling costs and maximizing returns on investments in technological assets. Among these, the fleet of working vehicles occupy a prominent position, having a decisive role in the quarries and mines.

In this context, where the vehicels are a critical resource, it is essential to have software tools for controlling and managing them, in particular for their maintenance.

Portale Mezzi is the solution aimed at optimizing and improving the efficiency of the fleet, managing all the technical aspects related to maintenance.

Portale Mezzi is a solution composed of software, electronics, consulting and services. Based on your business and your needs, we offer you the right solutions.

In a single environment, Portale Mezzi contains all the answers to the needs of your business by providing:


Control of worked hours divided in different mechanical components

Detection of the mechanical use of the means

Development of maintenance plans

Detection of maintenance interventions

Management of fiscal, administrative and technical deadlines

Supply control system

Development budget costs of the fleet

Outsourcing of the fleet manager

Personnel Management

The mining companies that have adopted Portale Mezzi benefit from a more efficient fleet, where maintenance is carried out in the right times, significantly reducing extraordinary maintenance events and breakdowns due to breakage.


Starting from the Basic Module which includes the equipment registry, the administrative and technical informations management, the management of deadlines and document storage, Portale Mezzi is composed of the following modules that can be activated according to specific needs.
Vehicles in the construction sites
Equipment on site
Customization and Attachments
Localization in a closed environment
Programming of vehicle use
Media usage analysis
Calculation of cost items
Refueling stations
Fuel card supplies
Digital dashboard
Digitalization means
IoT devices


Portale mezzi is a solution developed for the management of fleets of different types of vehicles and for various uses.


Transports & Logistics

Public transport

Facility Management


Of course, Portale Mezzi can easily connect to your current GPS provider (if this permits). Available functions may be reduced.

Sure. Portale Mezzi can connect to the ERP software in your company.

Portale Mezzi is an innovative and unique system that wants to fulfill specific needs in the field of vehicle management. Since it is also necessary to localize the vehicles, Portale Mezzi integrates an advanced geolocation system.

By precision geolocation we mean an exclusive technology of Portale Mezzi for locating the vehicles with high precision below the meter in outdoor and indoor environments (warehouses, tunnels, tunnels, covered mines, quarries).

Yes, we want to help your company and your business better manage the fleet. With more than 10 years in the industry and numerous solutions developed, we can reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your processes.

For fuel management we have 2 modules:

  • Fuel-card refueling module: this module aims to integrate with diesel suppliers and obtain invoices from the list of supplies for each vehicle, how much it has cost and how much it has actually consumed
  • Controlled refueling module: this module aims to manage and control the delivery from the control units installed in the tanks present at construction sites or depots. When the technology is not present, we can provide it through our partner network.

Refueling control lets you know the supply costs, the quantity delivered, the actual consumption and analyze any anomalies



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